Where To Find Dolphins on 30A

If you love the ocean and marine life, you’ve probably found yourself hoping to see a dolphin on some beach vacation or other. Playful and intelligent, dolphins captivate beachgoers and marina enthusiasts. Trips to SeaWorld and other diving adventures promise the opportunity to swim with dolphins, and we love the way they leap and play with boats at sea. You can find dolphins along 30A, as well, if you know where to look. Here’s everything you need to know about finding dolphins on 30A.

When You Can Expect To See Dolphins on 30A

Dolphins are often spotted in the waters off the beaches of South Walton, but if you want the best chance of seeing dolphins, come between May and August. This is mating season for dolphins, and many females will come closer to the shore at this time of year in order to mate. You may even be able to find dolphins while wading in the water at the beach during the summer, while otherwise you might have to go further out by boat or paddle board.

Protections For Dolphins on 30A

Dolphins are friendly, playful creatures. They will be happy to have spectators and often chase alongside boats. They’ve even been shown to jump higher beside boats the more people react to their presence. It can be tempted to reach out and pet them, but it’s important to keep in mind that it is forbidden on 30A to touch dolphins.

There are laws in place to protect dolphins in the area, as well as their habitat. Disrupting this could result in fines, as well as possibly endangering the dolphins themselves. Dolphins are also not fished in the area. It’s also illegal to feed dolphins, as much as they might like it, because the food that we offer for dolphins might not actually be healthy for them.

Where To Find Dolphins on 30A

Dolphins can be found throughout 30A, as well as near Shell Island, an undeveloped and natural stretch of beach famous for its beautiful blue-green waters and fine white sand. You’re most likely to find dolphins in bays, tidal lakes, or open ocean. Though sometimes they’ll chase their prey into shallow waters, typically you’ll find dolphins in water that is at least 8-10 feet deep. Miramar Beach is another popular spot to find dolphins in the area.

Need a Boat to See the Dolphins?

Dolphins love to chase alongside boats. It’s something of a game for them, and the more people react to them as they skip alongside, the more they tend to show off. You can experience this for yourself and even catch it on film when you rent your own boat and head out in the water to see dolphins for yourself.

Boss Boat Rentals offers pontoon boat rentals in Santa Rosa Beach and throughout 30A. Want to rent your own so you can go looking for dolphins? Contact Boss Boat Rentals today by calling us at (850) 608-3077 or requesting a quote online.