Why Rent a Pontoon Boat?

Visiting 30A isn’t just for time spent on the beach. It’s also a great opportunity to go out on the water and enjoy a fishing trip, whether by yourself or with friends or loved ones. Sunny days and crystal clear water make for beautiful boating days, which is why when you reach Santa Rosa Beach, you’ll find a number of opportunities for boat rentals: kayaks, canoes, ski boats, and more. At Boss Boat Rentals, for instance, we offer pontoon boats.

What Is a Pontoon Boat?

A pontoon boat is a flat boat with a long deck that stays buoyant through use of floats. Because of the strength of the floatation device, the boat is allowed an expansive and comfortable deck, with seats and plenty of room for socializing. You can take a pontoon boat fishing or simply out on the water to watch dolphins or get away from the shore for a bit. But what makes a pontoon boat rental a superior boat rental to other options?

Perfect For Socializing

Sure, you can enjoy a pontoon boat by yourself, but the beauty of a pontoon boat is that it’s perfect for spending a day with friends and family. The deck can typically hold up to 12 people and with plenty of seating, no one will get too tired on their feet. If you plan to spend most of the day out on the water, enjoy some time relaxing with your favorite people, or just share memories together, a pontoon boat is the way to go.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Saving

Pontoon boats may have plenty of room, but they won’t guzzle fuel the way that other boats might, which makes them a great eco-friendly option. Considering you’re charged for the amount of fuel you use, this is also a way to save money over the course of the trip. If you have plans to spend most of the day out on the water, a pontoon boat is a great choice to enjoy and save.

Easy to Use

You don’t have to be an expert to steer a pontoon boat. Because it sits so high on the water, you can have an easier time steering them than you might with more complex boats. This also protects the boat and makes it more durable, especially with the durable aluminium that makes up the body of the boat.

Interested in renting a pontoon boat to make your own day stand out while you’re on 30A? Let Boss Boat Rentals help. We’re an owner-operated business renting out pontoon boats with overhanging canopies for additional shade to visitors and locals of Santa Rosa Beach alike. Contact us today to learn more about our boats or to rent one for yourself.