Are Pontoon Boats Safe on Rough Water?

When you rent a pontoon boat to enjoy the beautiful 30A weather, you probably picture crystal clear waters with even horizons and the sun beaming down. While this is the picturesque boat rental day, rough waters are still a possibility, and strong winds can come on very suddenly. This can beg the question: are pontoon boats safe on rough water? A storm could ruin your vacation day, but it’s best to be prepared for any situation.

Pontoon Boats on Rough Water

If your idea of rough water is some light waves, your pontoon boat should be fine. However, if you see large waves, take care. Pontoon boats are slow and rectangular by design. They tend to dip into the waves rather than over them, which isn’t ideal when it’s a wave large enough to capsize the boat. The truth is pontoon boats simply aren’t designed for rough waters and tend to fare less well than v-shaped boats.

What To Do in the Event of a Storm

You can always keep an eye out for the forecast beforehand and should. If it looks like there will be stormy weather at any point, it’s better to reschedule your pontoon boat trip. However, sometimes on the water, strong winds and waves can happen rather suddenly. Keep an eye on the skies as well as the water. If you see storm clouds beginning to form, even distantly, or if the waves are beginning to get a little choppy, turn around and come back. It’s also important to make sure everyone on your pontoon boat is wearing a life jacket and that weight is distributed evenly across the boat.

Keep Your Speed Even

Pontoon boats are designed for leisure and recreation, not for speed. These are the perfect boats for a fishing day or a day of sightseeing, for water sports, but not for speeding across the water. If the waves start to become a little choppy, but you’re not quite worried about turning back yet, reduce your speed so that you’re not rushing at the waves. Make sure to prioritize safety precautions over trying to spend the most time on your trip.

At Boss Boat Rentals, we offer pontoon boat rentals throughout 30A, and we encourage you to check the weather before booking your trip. Contact us today to learn more about our pontoon boat rentals or to rent one for your own trip.